4 Trend Of Digital Marketing That will Help to Grow Your Business in 2019

4 Trend Of Digital Marketing That will Help to Grow Your Business in 2019

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Technology advances. A few years ago we did not imagine how influential social networks would become. Digital marketing is already one of the pillars of any business. And that is why some of my clients feel frightened and confused. They do not fully understand the dynamics of these virtual platforms.

I understand them Everything changes immediately on the Internet. From the updates of the Google algorithm to the latest version of the Facebook Start. And let’s not forget the stories on Instagram!

For this reason, at Digimapia Digital we want to help you keep the rhythm. We share four trends that are being implemented in the present, and that will be popular in the future. That’s right, you’ll be one step ahead. You know what they say: “information is power”.

1. Live videos

This modality for audiovisual content has an insurmountable benefit: it establishes a genuine connection between the audience and the presenter because they share the same time.

These transmissions are not an invention today. They have been seen on television and radio since the last century. However, the detail lies in the interaction. People love to participate in a live-streaming since their comments are read at that precise moment. That is, the presenter publicly recognizes the user’s message, live and direct.

The feeling of value is great. And it is that the audience needs to feel the protagonist.

An advantage of this type of video is the convenience it entails. Most of these transmissions are made from the presenter’s cell phone, who is reclining on the bed in his room and converses with the “screen” of his device. All an effort!ūüėČ

2. Being a Micro-Influencer

Personal branding has become one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet. And it has been a funny development, because all part of a person with knowledge in an area, wanting to share them online (call YouTuber, Blogger or Instagrammer), and -consistently- becomes an authority, and in several cases, reaches the fame.

However, you do not need to have a mass audience to do good business with the companies. The Micro-Influencers are those whose followers descend from the 100,000. These modest entrepreneurs boast of a more segmented audience (that is, users who are interested in a specific topic) and generate income with the big brands since they are more economical and selective. For the micro-influencers generate a more powerful and intimate engagement.

3. Temporary content

I guess you’re already familiar with the Stories. Photographic publications -or video- that are kept online 24 hours and then are automatically deleted.

These ephemeral contents are a battlefield between Snapchat and Instagram. The first ones invented this concept and the second ones took it to 200 million users.

The idea is attractive. You have a limited amount of time to check the last posts of a user, so when you come to give an account, you will be constantly browsing their profile. It is an engagement tactic.

The Stories have evolved on Instagram. Now they can be discovered in the exploratory search by the use of hashtags and mentions to other accounts. They have even begun to incorporate external links. This represents a good redirection opportunity for your online sites, and therefore, organic traffic.

4. Private chat with brands

People invest more time in chat applications (like WhatsApp) than in other social networks, so advances are being made in these platforms.

For example, Facebook Messenger has incorporated a means of customer service for companies. Chatting via instant messaging is more practical and faster than writing an email or making a phone call.

For its part, Instagram has made it possible to send hyperlinks in direct messages. What favors the redirection towards informative pages.

Remember, the person-to-person interaction is the height of conversational marketing. Chatting with your clients will make them feel heard.

Now it’s your turn to Apply:¬†

4 Trend Of Digital Marketing That will Help to Grow Your Business in 2019

After reading this article you might think: “Geez! But if these trends are not an invention today, they have been on the market for a long time. ” Precisely. Their analysis over time is what allows us to predict the impact they will have in the future. And that’s where your brand should be.

You choose where to start: post-Instagram stories, record live videos or chat with your customers. Make trends your routine and thus conquer the market.

What are your forecasts for tomorrow’s digital marketing? Do you think that any social network will be completely different from its competition?

Above mention trends: 

4 Trend Of Digital Marketing That will Help to Grow Your Business in 2019

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